Great zoos serve several meaningful purposes: they work to conserve endangered species, they educate people about animals and the environment, and they provide opportunities for the whole family to spend a fun day together. A good zoo provides an adequate environment, a healthy diet, and enrichment activities for all of its animals. The Online Zoo is a strong supporter of good zoos and a opponent of bad zoos which do not provide these things.

The Online Zoo has over 20,000 photos of more than 3,000 species from zoos, aquariums, other facilities, and the wild all over North America and a few other places around the world. Unlike most animal photo sites, all of our photos are original; you will not find them anywhere else. If you are interested in using any of our photos, please see this page.

No website can come close to the experience of visiting a good zoo or aquarium, but zoos can only house a limited number of animals, and there are many species you will never see at your local zoo. Hopefully you will see something new during your visit today!

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